A voice echoing

the sage disciplines

of the heartland 


Decades of experience that you can hear – confident and direct, warm and wise. A voice that roots narration in a palpable earthiness, with echoes of rolling plains and burbling streams. Grounded in reality, in nature, and in humanity, with relatable authority.

Or tap into a deep well of humor, using the authoritative attitude as a foil for the hero or a character voice to add a dash of inanity. 

Read what producers have to say and then take a listen and hear why they get their VO by P.J. 

Video Demos

Comic Commercials

There’s money in funny


Calmly compelling, factually folksy

Sports Narration

Sacrifice, defeat, struggle, triumph


Relatable authority, accessible wisdom

Real estate

Urban to rural, they’re not making any more


Straightforward, rustic, real 

 Audio Demos 

General demo 2019

Consider it a tasting flight

Full length gallery

Wyoming Whiskey Terroir :15

Wyoming Whiskey Terroir :15

Wyoming Whiskey Terroir :15

P.J. Stoppleworth - Voiceover Artist, Narrator, Voice Actor, Live Announcer & Host, and more

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