announcers can’t save 

bad shows

but they can 

ruin good ones

Live announcing

At 13 years old – possibly 14 and maybe even 12, records aren’t clear – I was given a microphone and tasked with announcing a junior varsity basketball game. I had pitched it as a morale booster for the JV squad, They worked as hard as the varsity, they deserve a taste of the spotlight, or so went my pitch to the vice-principal/AD/coach.


Truth is I desperately wanted mic time.


He bought it and I was off and running, eventually taking over varsity duties as “Voice of the Don’s [sic – and a long story]”


Fast forward to today, where between sports, events, and voiceover, I’ve racked up too many “Voice of…” titles to count. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about announcing specifically and events in general. I’ll share a few lessons here to establish my bona fides and give you something for your time spent here. 

Blue chip to cow chips

I’ve already spilled one of the hard truths up top, in the page headline. I can’t save a production with issues. But if I’m not doing my job and doing it well, I’m the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. 

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